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Latest technology

Use the latest Cisco Meraki technology to improve connectivity to your customers.
Keep equipment running continuously via lifetime verification, license renewal and problem resolution.
Get better results by facilitating connectivity, increasing coverage and expanding the capacity of your wireless network.

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Easy access

Give your customers an easy access to private Wi-Fi experience using social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
Present your business effectively using images and content directly from the business.
Use the tool to develop relevant landing pages for your client.

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Effective communication

Define and send automated messages to your customers when entering the business.
Congratulate and send messages to your clients at special moments.
Identify the effectiveness of your communication and marketing campaigns.

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Social marketing

Get to know your customer and provide an automatic login to the network after registering and every time you enter the business.Build your own community of customers.Re-direct your clients to predetermined pages according to their frequency of visit and loyalty.

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Innovative experience

Use the new capacity, knowledge of your customer and automated communication to invite innovative events.

Use your new network and Wi-Fi capability to promote high-tech events such as Virtual Reality, Online Trivia and Remote DJ.

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One solution

OneSmart WiFi Provide you a high performance WiFi network.
It allows you to identify your client by providing a private network of easy access and relevant communication to your client using automatic message sending.
100% Cisco Equipment Management and Support, configuration and performance.
Everything as a service.

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